Comfy Slimfit XL

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Comfy Slimfit XL sanitary pads provides 5X longer lasting dryness than the leading brand leaving you worry free during your periods. With its super gel lock feature and rapid suction funnels, it locks in and absorbs fluid quickly to maximize your comfort and gives upto 12 Hours* leak protection.

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  • @5X Longer lasting dryness than leading brand
  • @Non-Irritant on Skin – Dermatologically tested
  • @Super Gel Lock technology which locks in fluid, Odour Lock
  • @Thin pads with 2mm thickness, long pads 285mm with wings
  • @Dry Top Sheet for Clean and dry feel for a longer duration, provides up to 12 hours leak protection
  • @6 napkins per pack, each 285mm with wings
  • @Open pack and take a napkin, remove the release paper from the back of the napkin and place it on the underwear
  • @Remove the release paper from wings and fold them over the sides of the underwear
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