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Comfy Snug Fit Tampons Regular helps to provide complete period protection and convenience for women. The tampon’s 360° leak lock system allows flexibility and freedom on period days to indulge in activities like traveling, cycling, dancing even swimming without any stress.

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  • @360° leak-lock system to avoid any leakage.
  • @ Provides protection for up to 8 hours for regular flow.
  • @ Dermatologically tested.
  • @Elemental chlorine-free material.
  • @Has better absorption channels for rapid and even fluid distribution.
  • @Highly absorbent material soaks instantly for a dry feeling for longer.
  • @ Protective top sheet blocks the transfer of fibers.
  • @Secured string for easy removal.
  • @ Wash hands thoroughly, hold the tampon with both hands, and twist to remove the wrapping as the arrow shows.
  • @ Remove the lower part of the wrapping, straighten the string, and check whether it has a knot at the end.
  • @ Make a small hollow at the bottom of the tampon using your index finger. Now, hold the base of the tampon with your thumb and middle finger, and place the index finger in the hollow and remove the upper part of the wrapping.
  • @ Get into a comfortable position, and carefully open the vaginal opening with your other hand. Relax and gently push with your index finger, slipping the tampon deep into the vagina aiming it upwards and to your back. The tampon should now be in the right place.
  • @ The tampon should be unnoticeable, with the string hanging outside your body. Wash your hands after insertion.
  • @ Gently pull the string to remove the used tampon. You may feel a delicate resistance, which is natural because the tampon has increased in size after use.
  • @ We recommend changing tampons every 4-6 hours and not using one tampon for more than 8 hours. You can also change it more frequently if necessary.


  • Toxic shock syndrome (TSS) is a rare but very serious condition that can occur in women and children. If you have suffered from TSS or notice any following symptoms like high fever, diarrhea, vomiting, muscle ache, or rash please consult a doctor immediately.
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